Kyle Taylor

Creator and co-founder

I’m Kyle Taylor, your friendly neighborhood web developer and community startup evangelist (amongst a million other things) in North Texas. I am a reformed Information Technology graduate, and now a web and mobile enthusiast in North Texas. I work with Drupal, love front-end development, and try to never stop learning. I have a habit of working out of coffee shops on Sundays, making myself available for conversation and advice, which I drew inspiration from for DrawAttention. Long story short, I enjoy helping people. I also enjoy the startup and hacktahon communities and try to stay involved with those. As an alumni, I try to give back whenever I can to help provide students the opportunities that I missed.

Have a question about web development? Maybe I can help. Want to talk startups? Pull up a chair. Interested in getting more involved in the startup community? Oh man, we’ll need another cup of coffee.