Molly Cain

Executive Director

Molly Cain is the Executive Director of Tech Wildcatters, an internationally-known top 10 seed accelerator program.

Prior to joining Tech Wildcatters, Molly co-founded ViewMarket (formerly HAUL), a video focused e-commerce startup with fellow entrepreneurs Alexander Muse and Robert Bennett. She is also a regular contributor to Forbes (among other outlets), where her leadership column receives nearly 500k unique visitors a month.

Molly’s background is in strategy, communications and content management for Fortune 500 organizations. Status quo and the phrase, “that’s how we’ve always done it,” is her enemy. Molly specializes in the disruption of everyday or outdated process, the development and execution of content management tools and change management initiatives for large and diverse audiences in a number of industries, including telecommunications, financial and media. Her career has also been spent developing targeted and customized programs which change behavior, drive awareness and build buy-in on topics based on an organization’s executive and strategic needs.

Prior to joining ViewMarket, Molly served as the Vice President, Retail Communications for a top 25 bank, most notably campaigning for, designing and overseeing launch of the first ever intranet for their over 500 banking centers and founded, a career, lifestyle and networking site for professional women offering career advice and lifestyle blogs from over 70 contributors.

Outside of her career, the charity closest to her heart is the Greyhound Adoption League of Texas, where she serves as a volunteer and emergency foster home for greys in need. Molly is also on the Board for the Cry Havoc Theater Company (which encourages youth to get involved in the arts), teaches yoga on land and on paddle board and burns the rest of her energy with a variety of other athletic events throughout the year.