Shelon Douglas

Managing Partner

Shelon Douglas, based out of Greater Los Angeles, is known as the Innovation Strategist, Businesspreneur of Influence, Author of ‘Turnkey Your Business Model™ Book Series, and the Creator of the Ownership Circa Model™!

Shelon’s previous experience spans a variety of industries and roles with a strong background within the Mortgage and Investment Banking Industry at Capitol Estates International as the CEO/President where she demonstrated records of high achievements. Such in-depth experiences led to positive results and productivity thus creating profitability in every aspect including running a mortgage real estate firm and financial network with lucid, comprehensive, and administrative judgment to innovative projects.

Shelon currently serves as a Managing Partner/Investment Advisor at Turnkey Partners and the Founder/CEO to BizTechIQ™, a hands-on Tech Startup Incubator + Pre/Post – Accelerator for students, entertainers, athletes and professionals. She is also the creator of her proprietary technology that engages users within an immersion social and digital network experience known as Webtelligence™, a robust and scalable gateway created for startup ‘brand’ recognition within the digital sphere. Her sole mission is helping others create opportunities around the globe from idea-to-exit stage, providing ACCESS to opportunities, resources and high yield networks.

Shelon’s life is defined by innovation fueled by passion for education and public service and has been recognized as a change agent and trailblazer by numerous influencers, organizations and publications including (but not limited to): Recognized by White House’– President Barak Obama and awarded as one of the ‘Points of Light National Presidential’ Award, National Sales Network LA Visionary Award, interviewed on The DialogueLA Radio Show, Soul Kisses TV, Entrpreneureel Network and written featured publications by CNN Commentator Dr. Boyce Watkins and The Lovick Career Journal Magazine!