Susan Cooney

Founder & CEO

Susan is a startup coach and the founder of Givelocity, a social network for giving that offers a new spin on crowdfunding for good.

A serial entrepreneur, Susan has a record of building value and community across several genre-defining companies. She’s been on the founding team of 9 startups, six with successful exits.

She was a member of the founding team at LinkExchange, pioneering the online banner advertising network. She later joined forces with the founding team at PayPal to help launch the influential online payments service. Susan was a co-founder of remote service pioneer PlumChoice, again turning a start-up into a market leader.

She’s also an advisor, mentor and investor in several startups.

Susan graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara and is the author of ‘The e-Auction Insider’ by McGraw-Hill. She’s a startup advisor, mentor, investor and was a finalist in Fortune’s 2014 Brainstorm Tech Startup Idol competition.

Cool fact: Susan was featured in Tom Peters’ business book ‘Circle of Innovation’ along-side Tony Hsieh, founder of LinkExchange, and current CEO of Zappos.