Vickie Waller

Founder & CEO

“After spending most of her childhood fishing and waterskiing, founder and CEO of EZ Waves, Vickie Waller, had a successful corporate career before she started a small, Charleston-based online booking site for captains. Through this venture, Vickie juggled schedules for nearly 65 captains and gained an in-depth understanding of what the boating industry was missing: an easier way for captains to connect with customers. She saw a way to help the industry by building a software solution. Combining her passion to support small business owners with her insight into the challenges she saw in the industry, she created EZ Waves.

Vickie has not only sailed through the challenges of being an entrepreneur, she has also easily created a niche in the tech industry. Gradually, she has led the EZ Waves team to create a complete technology solution to answer the needs of the boating industry in an innovative, simplified way. EZ Waves has quickly and successfully become the first boat charter reservation system to give travelers instant access to nearly 500 captains in more than 55 cities around the world. “