William Silverman


Dr. William Silverman (M.B.A. ’10), completed his Ph.D. in physiology at UCLA Medical School and migrated into business upon realizing that his career as a biomedical researcher was a long-term exercise in entrepreneurship and start-up financing. His research explored areas as diverse as cardiology, immunology, and treatments for traumatic brain injury. He has also lectured in graduate level neuroscience courses at the Miller School of Medicine at UM. Will is particularly interested in commercializing and promoting cutting-edge biomedical technologies and medical devices, from original inception through product launch. He joined The Launch Pad at its inception as one of its first Venture Coaches. His business expertise lies in the areas of finance and marketing and he has led workshops on venture feasibility, business strategy, marketing, social media, social entrepreneurship, financial modeling and valuations, and presenting business opportunities to investors.