Reviewsnap Review 2019

May 2, 2019

11:44 am

  • Established: 1995
  • HQ: Seattle, WA, US
  • Automation-focused performance management
  • Unique third party integration system
  • Annual subscription contract

Widely acclaimed, notably robust performance management software with a simple annual pricing model

Founded in 1995, Reviewsnap comes with a wealth of experience, and boasts some of the more popular performance management software on the market today. Its feature-rich platform is filled to the rafters with productive functionalities that will help your team learn and grow throughout their careers.

Between the basic annual subscription fee and the all-encompassing platform, Reviewsnap provides a no-nonsense solution that will take care of any and all performance management related tasks and duties – particularly if you purchase the most expensive of the three pricing plans. The annual fee can be daunting, but Reviewsnap provides thorough demos to get you acclimated before making a decision.

  • All-in-one platform for all performance management needs
  • Integrates with most SaaS apps
  • Annual subscription fee (free demo available)

What is Reviewsnap?

Reviewsnap is fully comprehensive performance management software that comes with more features than you'll know what to do with. With a widely acclaimed interface and an intuitive layout, your employees will have the tools and resources they need to improve productivity, develop their skills, and reach meaningful goals along the way.

Unlike other à la carte software such as Betterworks, Reviewsnap provide three simple pricing plans, each of which offers a huge catalog of features for your performance management needs. From feedback and reporting to goal assessment and succession planning, you'll have it all at your fingertips, without having to worry about incurring any additional costs.

In This Guide:

Reviewsnap Features

Because Reviewsnap is built as an all-in-one platform with pretty much every feature under the sun at your disposal, there is no conceivable way to list every feature – or even all of the primary features – in a review like this. However, there are a few notable features within the Reviewsnap platform that are decidedly worth mentioning.

Automated Performance Reviews

Reviewsnap My ReviewsThe key to a productive performance review process is consistency. With automated performance reviews in Reviewsnap, you'll be able to save time and resources, all while guaranteeing your team will feel noticed and appreciated. Specific automation features include e-signatures, automatic notifications, and unlimited job-specific templates.

360-Degree Feedback

Getting feedback from a manager is helpful, but doesn't give the whole story. With 360-degree feedback from Reviewsnap, you can collate constructive criticism and deserved praise from colleagues, subordinates, managers, and HR professionals, all in a single platform. Reviewsnap even provides self-assessment tools that can help employees develop and track goals in real-time.

Third Party Integrations

Lots of performance management software providers allow for third party integrations in order to make the process easier. Reviewsnap is unique in that it offers integrations with any Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) app that uses web services or flat file integration. This means you'll be able to utilize Reviewsnap within email and messaging platforms, without having to launch an entire new process.

Reviewsnap Video Overview: Performance Management in Action

Take a look at this video from Reviewsnap to get a more comprehensive look at exactly what the all-in-one software provides as far as performance management is concerned.

Reviewsnap Pricing

Reviewsnap offers three different pricing plans, all reliant on how many employees you have at your company. The least expensive is the Express plan – this offers basics like review forms, visual reports, and best practices guides to help inform future decisions, and starts at $3,040 per year.

The Standard plan, which is the most popular of the three, offers the all-in-one platform you were expecting, with 360-degree feedback, customizable reporting, and live employee and manager training. Starting at only $3,420 per year, it's a serious upgrade for only a little bit more money.

The Pro plan takes it up another notch by offering success planning, outsider reviews, and custom data fields. You'll have to pay at least $4, 180, so make sure you really need all that customizability before you decide to take on the additional cost.

To get the clearest picture of what you might pay based on the size of your company, Reviewsnap has an unbelievably simple price quote form on its website that will give you an extra price in a single click.

Reviewsnap Review Verdict

If you're looking for massive performance management software that's filled with all the features you can possibly imagine – and all the customizability you could even need – then here it is. Reviewsnap's all-encompassing nature takes the pressure off users to decide which features they want to use, and simply provides them all.

Simply put, though, this software is not for freelancers or individuals. This is a team-focused software that will only be useful if you're looking to improve the group mindset of your business' performance management system. The price may seem high, and the yearly contract can be stressful – but if you're sure, it's an affordable option when you consider other solutions' price points.

Overall, Reviewsnap has the features, the experience, and the competitive price to more than deserve its widely acclaimed status among performance management software.

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