Periscope’s Latest Update Gives Users Control Over Trolling

June 1, 2016

12:30 pm

In the wake of social media overhauls when it comes to user defenses in place to combat online harassment and trolling, Periscope is the latest social media platform that’s giving users direct control against malicious comments.

This update is coming at the right time – the Twitter-owned company is one of the most vulnerable platforms for trolling and malicious comments. The new screening system is especially impactful for the platform, as comments are posted in real-time.


The abuse reporting system debuted Tuesday. When a questionable comment is reported as spam or abuse in Periscope, a “flash juries” are created to determine whether or not the comment should be allowed or reported. If the majority agrees that it’s abusive, the offending user will receive a 60-second ban from posting further comments. If the same user is reported and convicted a second time in the same broadcast, he or she loses commenting privileges for the rest of the stream.

The flash juries method stands apart from other anti-abuse methods that similar social media platforms allows, in that they give everyday users control over the appropriate action to take against questionable content. It also moves quickly, allowing for Periscope broadcasters and viewers to get back to the broadcasts quicker.

Though this latest update isn’t a complete failsafe – questionable broadcasts have few safeguards in process for users – it shows that concerns of abuse are still being taken seriously by the company, and tangible solutions are being put underway.

Image Credit to g0d4ather / Flickr.

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