Put Personal Safety in the Palm of Your Hand with Guardly

March 16, 2011

4:30 pm

As the 9.0 earthquake and devastating tsunami in Japan remind us, communicating during an emergency can be difficult, to say the least.  By allowing you to communicate with your safety network instantly, Guardly turns your smart phone into an emergency response device to get you the help you need, faster.

With just the touch of a button, Guardly connects with your personal safety network and alerts family, friends, and authorities via voice conference, sms, and email.  Using their LocationAssure technology, Guardly is able to pin point your exact GPS location and provide you with valuable information about what’s around you and how it can aid your situation. This technology also makes it possible for your safety network to always know exactly where you are, so they can also help out from a distance.

Quickly regain control of a situation by snapping a photo of a threatening person or situation. Recorded media is immediately uploaded to Guardly’s secure server and shared instantly with the authorities and your emergency contacts, tagged with your location.

Toronto-based Guardly is partnering with regional security agencies, police services, and university/college operations to provide even greater protection when emergencies occur within those areas.

Henry Sams is a TechCocktail intern, college student, and Washington, DC metro native who has a passion for new technology and marketing through social media.  He has always been interested in new tech innovations, start-ups, and gadgets and would like to create a start-up of his own some day.

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