My Personal Top 10 Android Apps

November 1, 2013

9:54 am

Today marks the final post of my 10-week exploration into the world of Android exclusive apps, and I want to make it clear that my aim has not been to disgrace the iOS platform. Rather, I wanted to highlight the underrated aspects of the Android platform.

Most surface-level searches for Android exclusive apps rarely turns up anything of value. Do a search for “exclusive iOS/Android apps” and see the difference for yourself; it’s very frustrating as an Android adherent.

I knew those apps were out there, though, because of Android’s open source platform. Surely there were developers building apps iOS would not be able to have, and surely there were other Android users like me looking for them.

So I shined light into the dark corners of the Internet and combed through hundreds of forums posts. The persistence paid off as I was able to find some amazing apps and bring them out of the dark to the surface.

This week I offer you my top 10 selections from my previous top 10 lists. Never let your Android pride fade:

  • PdaNet+ ($14.95): Use your Android’s connection for Wi-Fi access with no USB, Bluetooth, or tether required. If you’re wondering when you might ever use this, remember that some hotels still charge you to use the Internet, and modems do, in fact, get struck by lightning all too often.
  • Winamp (Free): One of the most enjoyable apps I’ve used, and the free price makes it even better. The no-hassle iTunes importing is fantastic, but the online radio stations give you more options than you could ever listen to in a lifetime.
  • Next Launcher 3D ($15.99): This launcher stole both my heart and my home screen instantly. If you think the price tag is too heavy, make sure to try out the free demo before buying and experience the resplendent 3D effects for yourself.
  • Apex Launcher Pro ($3.99): Aside from Next Launcher 3D, this was one of the cheaper options that really stuck out to me. It obviously doesn’t have the razzle dazzle that the 3D can offer, but its simplicity comes across as crisp, clean, and it’s buttery smooth.
  • Refraction ($1.99): Two words: helplessly addicted. The challenge on this game is ever present, and there are moments when you want to tear your hair out. But at the same time, nothing beats the feeling when you finally get those laser beams to their target receptors perfectly.
  • What’s it worth on eBay ($2.69): The value of this app knows no bounds. Are you getting scammed on a price? Are you getting the proper amount for your old Game Boy? This app has put all of those questions to rest for me; hopefully it can for you as well.
  • Beautiful Widgets ($2.59): Widgets are one of the most fun features of the Android platform, so make them beautiful. This app takes the standard clock and weather widgets to an entirely new level with polished, clean looking displays.
  • MD Scanner ($4.99): This insanely handy app comes through for me all the time. A stitch in time saves nine, so quickly snap a photo of whatever you need and save the PDF file for uploading, emailing, or printing instantly: works great with receipts.
  • Emulators ($3.63): I talked about PSone emulators, but you can also play any game from NES, SNES, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, SEGA, and N64 right from your smartphone. Keep your eyes on the UNU Tablet’s upcoming release as it will, in my opinion, facilitate the best way to enjoy these apps.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II: Hands down the best Android device I’ve ever used. If you hear people say that it’s too big for practical use, which I have, they clearly haven’t tried it out yet. Perfectly fit between the smartphone and tablet, I’ll never be able to go smaller than 5.5 inches again, and it fits in my pocket wonderfully.

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