Peter Corbett on Architecting Mass Collaboration and Future of Mobile Social

November 2, 2011

5:15 pm

Frank Gruber interviewed Tech Cocktail’s good friend Peter Corbett as part of our Delivering Happiness tour at SXSW in March.  If you know Peter, you know to expect an animated conversation, and you’ll see in the video below that he delivers.

If you don’t know Peter, his company iStrategy Labs, creates digital and experiential marketing experiences.  As he says in the video, the thing he loves most is quickly creating something new and bringing it into the world – going from idea to action is exciting – whether they are developing an app or festival.

Peter also talked about his intense interest in architecting for mass collaboration, which you’ll experience during Digital Capital Week (a.k.a DCWEEK) beginning this Friday and which means figuring out how to channel passion and talent into discreet projects that benefit the community or world (Tech Cocktail is a co-producer of DCWEEK).

You’ll also hear his thoughts on the future of mobile social and what his biggest failure was in this video interview.

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