Photo Editing Options in the SnapChat World

October 23, 2014

12:36 pm

We can all see that visual media is storming our world, especially through the rise of social media giants like SnapChat, Pinterest, and Instagram. As we become drawn towards communicating through photos, check out the newest photo editing programs to keep ahead of the photo game.

What’s new for desktop?

Picktorial has gained a lot of attention from Mac users as it debuts to the market as one of the most intuitive, advanced editing apps yet. Unlike PhotoShop, which requires lessons and tutorials to be able to master, Picktorial makes extremely high-level editing simple. This is definitely one of the programs to watch out for, as its sure to change the game of desktop editing.

Google and Adobe have joined together to create Project Photoshop Streaming. This cloud-based project brings the Creative Cloud suites to Chromebooks and is designed to work seamlessly with Google Drive. Still in beta stages, this technology is currently available only to certain North America based Adobe education customers who have paid Creative Cloud memberships.


What’s new for mobile?

Mextures includes many of the best parts of mobile photo editing apps in one app – with light leaks, grit and grain options, vintage overlays, and incredible gradients. No longer do you have to edit a photo multiple times between apps – this app has incredible vivid textures and the ability to overlay and create your own textures to save and share with others.

The PhotoDirector app for iOS offers run-of-the-mill editing features with one that really stands out: smart object removal. This feature is also present in Picktorial and PhotoShop, but it’s unique to see it on mobile. Additionally, you can smooth skin or saturate by specific colors.

Camu is another mobile app worth mentioning. It also comes with a host of great editing features, but has its own private messaging service so you don’t need to send messages through other apps.


There you have it – the best tools to equip your mobile devices and desktop with the top photo editing programs of 2014. Give them a spin and let us know your verdict, and feel free to shout out if you have any more to add to the list.





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