Pico Wins Reader’s Choice After Relocating from Israel to Philly

November 15, 2014

8:00 pm

“I don’t look at problems as problems. In my state of mind anything is solvable. I just haven’t found the solution yet,” explains Asaf Nevo, CEO of Pico. “An entrepreneur’s life is built out of constantly solving problems. The understanding that every problem has a solution and every solution has a payoff makes you realize that it’s a matter of if you’re willing to pay the price to get to the payoff.”

In this scenario, the price is working hard and the payoff is an app that won Reader’s Choice at our Philadelphia Mixer & Startup Showcase. Pico collects pictures from various photographers and puts them in one, cohesive social network album.

People are taking tons of pictures all the time, especially at events. It’s often the case that the best pictures are hidden in others’ photo libraries, and according to Nevo, there’s no simple or efficient solution that gives us access to these memories.

Originally getting their start in Haifa and Tel-Aviv, Israel, the US market has been very receptive to the concept of Pico as users signed on early for the official release. Also, the team had only been in Philadelphia for two weeks when we chose them to pitch at our event.

“The biggest advantage of these cities [Haifa and Tel-Aviv] is that they’re not that big and users and customers can be approached easily,” says Nevo. “Simultaneously, the biggest disadvantage is that they’re not that big.”

The long term goal fueling the team is an interesting one: they want to be able to recognize that something interesting is happening somewhere according to the amount of pictures taken from that location. Once they can do that, they’ll be able to connect the photographers with interested parties and help them communicate and exchange.

“In order to be exposed to significant opportunities you must get out of your comfort zone,” says Nevo.

Being from Israel obviously helped Pico establish roots in the Israeli market, but it took the team a few months to break out of their comfort zones. They left home base, created connections in the US, and were accepted into the DreamIt Accelerator.

“If we hadn’t done that we would have probably remained in the same position in the Israeli market and miss the amazing opportunity of a US launch,” finishes Nevo.

It’s not just Nevo taking the leap though as each one of the co-founders has relocated from Israel to Philadelphia, leaving behind a family. They’re all in love with Pico though, and every day the team is reminded just how far the platform can take them.

“It goes without saying that all of us are fully committed to Pico,” says Nevo. “It keeps all of us motivated.”


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