Ping Your Friends, Forget Messaging Them

November 7, 2014

4:30 pm

Are you suffering from communication jitters? The Ping app was just launched worldwide, and it could very well be the tool you need to help kick the communication habit.

Not to say communicating with people is a bad thing though. Rather, Ping is a free, wordless communications app that enables you to minimize and refine your communications. You can say ‘hello’, ‘I love you’, ‘I miss you’, ‘I know you’re there’, ‘you’re important’, ‘I’m here’, and ‘speak later’ with nothing more than a gentle ping sound.

In a recent study cited by the Ping team, a poll of UK digital natives showed that 25 percent claimed to be addicted to social media. Half also said that it was important to check social media as soon as they receive notifications while one third sometimes felt stressed because of it.

The founder of Ping app, Russian technologist Muslim Shortanov, believes that by taking communication back to basics Ping can enable users to be social without having to constantly message each other.

“By reducing communication to its simplest form – a ping – it brings the power back to the individual, letting them decide where, when and how they communicate, in a very subtle way, without disturbing their privacy,” says Shortanov.

Shortanov also built the app so users don’t need to worry about unwanted pings, because users only receive pings from approved friends. Additionally, the Ping app is anonymous, email sharing is optional, and there is no need to disclose your phone number.

It’s launched for both iOS and Android, so if you’re annoyed with current paradigms of social media messaging give it a try. I know I will.


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