Ping Aims to Become the Yo! App for Mac

May 1, 2015

9:00 pm

Do you recall the days when you were using Yahoo! Messenger at work to chat with your colleague upstairs about a project you were both working on? I especially loved the “buzz” feature and used it every time it was needed: It was the easiest way to draw the attention of my coworker without wasting precious moments picking up the phone and maybe disturbing him while he was having a discussion with someone or focusing on something else.

Nowadays I can count on one hand how many of my friends and coworkers are using Yahoo! Messenger, but the need for communication is still there, and growing, and so is the need for concentration.


Ping is a super-simple app that could replace the Buzz feature in Yahoo! Messenger and escalate it to the needs of a modern workplace. It could be described as the Yo! app for business, but that isn’t fully the case: While the Yo! app sends a push notification in an instant to anyone connected to the Internet, no matter what his or her location, Ping works only on a local network.

I particularly loved its simplicity: Ping works as soon as you install it, as it automatically adds people in your local network who also have the app. You can “buzz” (a) colleague(s) using the Ping app, letting them know – discreetly? – that you need their attention, and they can opt to answer when they are ready. Very nice.

However, Ping’s limitation to the local network is what prevents the app from becoming the next billion-dollar idea. The simplicity of Yo! made it brilliant, because it wasn’t about messaging: It was about alerts and notifications, unleashing its potential to become a platform. That’s what’s happening now.

To escalate itself into a platform, Ping needs rapid adoption among Mac (and Windows) users. What we are seeing now is the developer’s first foray into the Mac OS X user base. Ping launched on April 23 and is ready for coworkers running OS X 10.8 or newer to adopt it and ping each other. Will you be pinging your colleagues?


Image Credit: Flickr/herval

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