PingMe Helps You Find Interesting Local Events

April 30, 2015

6:00 pm

Have you just moved to a new city and eager to check out the scene? Or, have lived in the same place, doing the same things, with the same people for years and are looking to switch up your routine? Or, maybe you’re a tourist or on a business trip with some free time to kill and want to see what the locals are up to. If you’re currently in any of these scenarios, PingMe could be of service to you. PingMe uses location-based data to help you find local events specific to your interests. Think of it as Meetup meets Swarm meets Yelp.

PingMe just released a mobile app that is a platform to create, invite, or find out about local events. To create an event, the user selects interest tags (dining, nightlife, community, etc) along with entering the other details of an event. Once the event is created, the app sends out a “ping” to other users within a one mile radius who have the same interest tags selected, to let them know that there’s an event taking place that might be of interest to them.

As with any social network, security is a top concern. The creators of PingMe have taken several steps to verify users and ensure privacy. One thing that sets PingMe apart from other social apps is that connect every user right away when they join the network, but they do so securely. Co-Founder David Lapoint says, “We have built in authentication through Facebook to ensure users are who they are, and are not bots or spam accounts…This app is about connecting people based on common and shared interest and we want to make sure every experience is safe and welcoming.”

As the network grows, the hope is that it will expand to multiple cities, and eventually, globally. The co-founders’ ultimate goal is to expand enough that national and international businesses and brands can use the network to engage in hyper-local, personalized advertising based on individual user experiences in near-real time.

PingMe is a product out of Seven Islands Holding Company Inc, a Chicago-based technology and entertainment holding company founded about a year ago by Amar Bhakta and David LaPoint.

Here’s a quick video that explains the app.


Image Credit: Thong Vo

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