A Round of Beer Data For All! PintLabs Acquired by SteadyServ

June 24, 2014

8:43 pm

Beer has been around since the days when Egypt was still building their great pyramids. And honestly there’s nothing quite like a super cold beer, craft or otherwise, to help pass these hot summer days (or manual labor if you were an Ancient Egyptian).

Thus, PintLabs has made it their mission for the last 3 years to deliver high quality and accurate data about the beer industry we all love so much. Today, they announced that as a direct result of all their hard work SteadyServ Technologies has decided to acquired them.

The team couldn’t be happier either, because the acquisition will allow them to put their entire focus and energy towards delivering their API and mobile applications, software, and intelligence to the beer enthusiasts, drinkers, and brewers – basically any and everybody. Their driving goal now is to shape the future of the beer industry at large.

PintLabs has 3 separate apps, PocketBeer, BreweryDB, and Brewery Map to help users choose, identify, and locate the perfect beers – respectively. SteadyServ works so that beer drinkers never have to hear the phrase: “we’re out of that one” with their SaaS beer inventory system.

Honestly, could you ask for a better pairing?

“You can rest assured that we will continue to provide the BreweryDB API as a robust service on which to build your applications, and we will still be maintaining and improving BreweryMap and PocketBeer,” says the PintLabs team in their blog post. “In fact, one of the goals of this acquisition was to increase the value we provide to you.”

They’ll also be adding new features, offering new levels of service, and maintain a commitment to the customer support and high levels of reliable service the PintLabs users have come to expect. The team will also relocate their offices permanently to the SteadyServ HQ in Raleigh, North Carolina.

And I’m sure they’ll be having a few beers to celebrate as well.


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