Pittsburgh’s Lily&Strum Helps Create Perfect Moments with Perfect Gifts

August 1, 2014

3:00 pm

A lot of anxiety can go into finding the perfect gift, especially for the sentimental perfectionists among us.  Combine that with the nonstop, ADD-stricken lives that many of us lead, the good intentions we once had of finding the most personalized, amazing, and treasured gift can be neglected.

Thankfully, Pittsburgh-based Lily&Strum is coming to the rescue in a big way. Founded by a husband and wife duo, the company is focused on helping millions of busy people become better gift givers.  Yeah, there are approximately 852,737 gifting sites out there, but here are a few of the ways that Lily&Strum is unique:

  • Subscription-based plan means they don’t have to align with specific retailers, which in turn  means a wider variety of products offered.
  • Specially curated gifts that fit all kinds of personalities, interests, and occasions
  • In-depth questionnaires to match gift recommendations to your giftee’s interests
  • Pulls from Facebook to add friends and family, in addition to manually adding them
  • Securely stores info and sends out timely reminders so you never forget a gifting opportunity.

They have a team of curators whose job is to search through to the end of the internet to find unique gifts and services from many different vendors and then plop them all in one place to make your life easier.  You are then guided through the choices by answering a series of questions that help build a rounded profile of the recipient.

The first iteration of Lily&Strum was for a service specifically geared towards men called Thoughtful Husband.  You see, it turns out that Joe (the husband half of the founding duo) is quite possibly the most thoughtful gift giver and moment maker on the planet (or at least in Western PA).   Friends started referring to this level of thoughtfulness as “a Joe thing.” But it did not take long for the founders to realize that it’s not just men who need help with gifting.  Pretty much anyone who has a credit card and someone they care about can benefit from this service.

“We envisioned a gifting platform that could track all the people and occasions in life that needed to be celebrated; one that could offer timely reminders and tailored recommendations, so you’d never miss a moment and always get it right.”

Lily&Strum showcased at the first ever Tech Cocktail Pittsburgh Mixer & Startup Showcase.  The annual subscription fee is $36 but if you go to www.lilyandstrum.com now andclick “Free Trial” and use the code “TECHCOCKTAIL” (case sensitive) you’ll get the free trial + 6 months free. Happy Gifting!

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