Blue Bottle Coffee
San Francisco, CA

Located inside one of San Francisco’s most recognizable landmarks, this café consists of two coffee bars: The first, located in the main arcade, pulls Hayes Valley Espresso on a three group La Marzocco paddlewheel. The north (or “secret”) coffee bar is tucked away around the corner in a side entrance. There, our baristas pull a rotating selection of single-origin espressi. On both sides, we craft pour-over coffee individually on drip bars of our own design. We have caramelized Belgian waffles made to order from 7 am to 2 pm daily, as well as granola and other treats from our Oakland kitchen. We also sell a small selection of high quality coffee makers, grinders and espresso machines. We offer beans to sell, dropped off five mornings a week. We use Clover organic milk and organic sugar.