Austin, TX

At the GoLab, bootstrapping entrepreneurs, creative and design professionals, and software developers work within a system that makes overcoming typical business challenges and collaborating with coworkers easy. By facilitating networking opportunities, hosting community events (like South by GoLab), and developing programs like the GoLab’s ongoing lunch-and-learn series, the GoLab gives local professionals the chance to have ongoing, face-to-face interactions with like-minded business professionals. The GoLab’s technologies, including the GoLab Cloud, support the coworkspace’s collaborative efforts. Over time, collaboration leads to better ideas, new partnerships and sales opportunities, higher productivity levels, and, ultimately, to greater revenues.

Located on 6th Street in downtown Austin, Texas, the GoLab is much more than a shared office space; it is a centralized portal to hands-on, grass-roots, community-based business building that, as a result of the wise application of contemporary technologies, has a global reach.