Innevation Center
Las Vegas, NV

The Innevation Center is the first public / private economic diversification effort of its kind. We bring together entrepreneurs. Business leaders. Mentors. Investors. Educators. And government agencies. In other words, everyone it takes to build an economy of superheroic proportions.

The Innevation Center is the brain child of Switch founder Rob Roy. As the most successful technology entrepreneur in Nevada’s history, Rob is extremely passionate about enabling a more diverse Nevada economy. The Innevation Center is a commitment to “pay forward” the success of Switch by helping to empower Nevada’s next generation of economic leaders.

It happens in a state-of-the-art COLLABORATION space through:

• Business Networks: Business luminaries and economic development engines converge here to educate, advise, connect, collaborate, host events and more. The Innevation Center is home to regular events like Startup Weekend, Funding Post, PHP Hack Night, LaunchUp, Tban, Ruby MeetUp and Southern Nevada Strong.

• Technology Networks: The Innevation Center’s mothership is Switch, the world’s most powerful technology ecosystem. That means access to faster-than-fast internet (connectivity at 1 million meg), advanced clouds courtesy of the SUPERNAP, and an extremely low cost connectivity purchasing gateway (along with proximity to a technological wonder of the world).

• Political Networks: We are a partnership with the State of Nevada Economic Development Office, the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE), and the Nevada Development Authorities, with Governor Brian Sandoval. This is where our state’s power brokers go to charge up.