The Angel Capital Group
Denver, CO

The Angel Capital Group network brings Angel investors and entrepreneurs together in an environment that celebrates innovation, rewards strategic risk-taking, and promotes performance.

When our founder Rachael Qualls started Angel Capital Group in 2007, the mission was simple: offer the best suite of services to Angel investors and create an environment that incentivizes true portfolio diversification. Through membership in Angel Capital Group, once solitary Angels would have access to the best deals (regardless of location or industry) without the pressure to fund the entire deal on their own. With other Angels participating in each opportunity, each individual could spread their chips thinly across a wide variety of deals. It is this truly optimized diversification approach that achieves the 20+% returns professional Angel investors have historically enjoyed.

Since 2007, we’ve been able to continually improve the execution of our original mission. Today, our national brand presence allows us to source hundreds of quality deals for our members. Our ever-growing team of industry experts and analysts has made our due diligence process truly extraordinary. And because of our network deal volume, we achieve efficiencies in legal, accounting, and deal structuring fees that make it easier than ever for the average Angel to get in the game.

Our passion is innovation, so we bring Angel investors and entrepreneurs together within a structure that mitigates risk and amplifies upside potential.