Plancast Is Coming Up Big This Year at SXSW

March 13, 2010

6:33 pm

Plans, we all have them. I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked, “what’s your plan?” With Plancast, a Silicon Valley-based startup, answering that question is a lot easier. Plancast offers a simple way to create, manage, and share your plans with all of your friends.

I first got a glimpse of Plancast back in September, when the site was still in a private, beta version, as founder Mark Henderickson visited Washington, D.C., as part of the Geeks on a Plane tour. I was immediately intrigued by the idea of publicly broadcasting your plans – from minor plans like meeting a friend for coffee to major ones like attending a festival or conference.

Plancast has been gaining momentum since then, as it launched its public beta version and, more recently, secured $800,000 in fundingfrom a number of investors. Plancast was initially funded as a Facebook application by the Facebook-focused fbFund. Currently, the team is made up of just two –  founders Mark Hendrickson and Jay Marcyes  – with help from friends like Chris Lea, who works on system administration. With the additional money, the company is expected to hire developer Leah Culver, formerly of Pownce and Typepad fame.

At last year’s South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi), Foursquare was the product that caught people’s attention and created a buzz, and the year before that it was Twitter.  I believe that this week at SXSWi, Plancast will take a place in people’s minds as the next big thing. Plancast already pulls in Facebook events and did the same with all the official SXSW events, including the TECH cocktail SXSW event. Plancast also created a special SXSW planning page , as well as released its first iPhone application, which could make Plancast another staple in the social media toolset.

Download the Plancast iPhone applicationPlancast!

This year might just be a big year of planning with Plancast.

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