4 Platforms Streamlining Everything from Marketing to Legal

April 28, 2016

7:00 pm

There are a lot of tools available to startups right now that help reduce time wasted, increase revenues, and provide additional clarity to the operations of one’s business. In order to properly utilize these different platforms, you need to be able to streamline these processes, reduce clutter and, simply put, make running a business easier.

Luckily, there are many innovators out there whose sole mission is to help businesses function in a way that embraces services, platforms and tools by streamlining their processes.

Marketing and Analytics: TapClicks

Understanding the impact of the vast marketing world often means an analysis of dozens of separate tools— requiring an unbearable time drain.

Enter TapClicks. They bring all your marketing campaign and performance results together into a unified digital dashboard, with automated reporting and insightful analytics. Instead of a marketer piecing data from sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Tubemogul, Moz, Marketo and hundreds of others— Taplick offers a robust one stop shop with stunning visualizations to boot.  Stop trying to be Captain Multi-task and start kicking back and letting the tech work for you.

Television Business: Furious Corp

The business behind television is a lot more complex than you might think. Imagine a room full of people planning and forecasting every episode, every show, every season on nothing more than an excel spreadsheet.

Enter Furious Corp, spearheaded by long-time TV heroine Ashley Swartz. Their goal is to give media companies broader and deeper visibility into their advertising business and provides the tools to optimize sales, operational efficiency and productivity. It’s led by their flagship platform PROPHET, a horizontal SaaS platform that connects the many disparate systems in the television and video advertising ecosystem. Now the business can keep up with its watchers…almost.

Legal Management: Lawdingo

The legal industry is often so mired in its own bureaucracy, that is has the potential to slow itself down. Companies spend thousands of man hours on the logistics rather than on the work at hand.

Enter Lawdingo. They have a solution to speed up the process. For attorneys, Lawdingo handles marketing, intakes, screening and other client management activities that have the potential to slow down even the most robust of firms. Simply put, legal firms can now handle cases without wasting any time on the simple stuff.

What does this offer to their clients? Outside of lawyer discovery, it means the individual or group representing your big case actually has the time to do so, even if they do still charge an arm and a leg.

Human Resources: Zenefits

The problem with HR is that the majority of software and platforms solely handle one or two HR functions such as payroll or hiring and due to this,  there is a chaotic scramble to get HR work done.

Enter Zenefits. This company has stepped in to work on the entire scope of HR. Much like TapClicks, Zenefits offers one core dashboard to handle multiple HR functionalities, from employee management and payroll to benefits and employee schedules.  Just like a business, human resources works better when it works together.

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David Jacoby is a media futurist and consultant to numerous fortune 1000 brands as well as startups. His primary area of consultation include marketing, sales and ecommerce technologies.

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