Poacht Automates Job Search for Top Candidates

September 19, 2014

10:40 am


Job search: we all must do it.  But the harder you work, the less time you have to look!  And how is your next employer to find you, if you don’t even have time to get your name out there?  Yet, despite the preponderance of apps and websites that help us SPEND our money, there’s been little recent progress in using technology to make our job search process simpler.

Thus, I’ve found it very interesting over the recent months to track the progress of a next-generation recruiting startup called Poacht.  They take all the challenges involved in the process of top companies finding busy candidates – and flip them on their head! 

The App

Poacht is a mobile app that lets you covertly job hunt without your entire office finding out.  The sign-up process is seamless and takes a few minutes.  You indicate the types of jobs you are interested in and what exactly it would take to entice you from your current position (salary requirements, benefits, location).   Employers using the platform (100+ in the initial NYC beta, and hundreds more on the waiting list) also save a lot of time by only having to browse a smaller pool of self-selected applicants who’ve made their intent and requirements clear.

The Candidates

I had the opportunity to chat with the CEO and co-Founder Maisie Devine – who, by the way, is a very talented and energetic female founder, the types of which are still quite rare in the enterprise software world.  Maisie says, “Our users are high-performing and very time-starved. They don’t have time to be constantly website surfing or applying for jobs without a response.  All they have to do is download the app, set their preferences, and they are done. Over the next weeks and months, interview requests from actual companies start to roll in.  Just like that, they are already 5 critical steps ahead of the normal process.”   I certainly wished many times in the past that my job search was that easy!

The Employers

But why do employers need it? Don’t they already have armies of recruiters (external and internal) at their disposal, not to mention Linkedin, Indeed.com, etc.? Well, those tools have made it easier to find ANYONE, but not necessarily the right person.  A lot of time, they simply lead to even bigger flood of applications, email and connection requests that most of the time don’t lead to anything productive.  Case in point: the recent demise of spammy apps like Branchout.

The Vision – Job Search of Tomorrow

Poacht is still in beta, but it definitely has a big vision.  “Over the past few decades, we’ve automated some very complicated and opaque processes, from trading options to placing ads. There’s no reason while the same can’t be done for the process of matching employers and candidates.  The key is addressing the real needs of both sides rather than throwing various UI gimmicks at the process, such as the inevitable army of ‘Tinder for jobs’ clones”, says Maisie.

With hundreds of employers waiting to start and placements already being made, Poacht may be on to something big.  I found it refreshing to see a job search tool that has the simple and honest purpose of asking candidates and employers what makes THEIR lives easier and then delivering it.

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Katya Constantine is a seasoned online marketer with over 11 years of experience. She has developed a uniquely comprehensive background in email and omni-channel marketing for large online brands. Most recently, she was at Expedia and Amazon, leading projects ranging from behavior-based programs to increasing customer acquisition and conversion with great results. Katya has successfully worked to bridge mobile, email, search and social channels to increase online performance at many large web properties and ecommerce startups. Presently, Katya is the CEO of DigiShopGirl Media. She is also a marketing mentor for technology startups via Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator program and an active blogger/speaker on topics ranging from mobile email to effects of the visual web on online marketing. You can follow Katya on Twitter @digishopgirl.

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