PocketQube’s 5cm Satellites Allow Low-Cost Access to Space

December 17, 2014

9:00 pm

There’s a company in Glasgow, Scotland making the smallest spacecraft to have ever successfully flown to, and operated in, orbit. PocketQube Shop, the company behind these satellites, recently announced the release of a read to use kit, the PocketQube Kit, to their online shop.

As it stands, the PocketQube satellites are standard 5cm cubes, and the Kit contains the main building blocks for any small budget satellite project. It features a radio board, an on board computer, and a Labsat development board to test different electronics boards: the base version starts at $5,999 and offers multiple configuration options.

“Our mission is to democratize low-cost access to space for Planet Earth and this kit is a key stepping stone to enabling this goal,” says Tom Walkinshaw, founder and CEO of PocketQube Shop. “We believe this could be a game-changer for getting new technologies flown in space quicker and educating the next generation of STEM students”

To that end PocketQube is targeting STEM groups in high schools, colleges, universities, government agencies, hobby groups, and private enterprises. And they’re looking to launch their next satellite as early as 2016 from Russia.

This is a market we haven’t seen too much activity in from tech startups, but that usually means is it’s ripe for the picking. PocketQube is hoping to, like other companies, capitalize on this and innovate in a futurist industry.

PocketQube Kit

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