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PointDrive Brings Uniformity to your Sales Team

September 21, 2015

10:00 pm

You can talk to one million people, but if you can’t close the deal, you’re just not going to get the sales that you deserve. Quantity is important, but without quality you’re simply throwing ideas and emails against the wall waiting for something to stick. And that’s a waste of time and resources. We see it in small business, and then we see it in enterprise-level teams, as well; all sectors are guilty. Luckily, we’re starting to see more apps and programs designed for closing deals with potential clients by offering uniformity through a branded experience. PointDrive is one such service.

With PointDrive, there are basically three main focus groups: Sales Teams, Real Estate, and Business Development. For sales teams, the main focus is to help deliver contracts and proposals. The housing market is still on a shaky foundation, and any stabilizer you can find is a welcome addition. The real estate portion of PointDrive focuses on listing presentations and statistics. Lastly, it can be used for Business Development, which focuses on essential sales data needed to close deals.

pointdrive mobile

That’s a very broad overview of what PointDrive is, and it seems to offer enough options to make it work for you and your sales team or as a solid enterprise solution. PointDrive understands that most content is accessed via mobile in 2015, and have planned their software accordingly and everything is mobile friendly. Branded content, graphs and statistics, real estate listing, etc, all can be easily viewed on mobile. You can also track how your materials are consumed, meaning you can plan for followups and additional content better. You can see what worked and what didn’t and decide on a plan of action for next time. You don’t have to be a programming wizard to bring a branded experience to your presentations. You simply decide between some different options, import your LinkedIn information, and choose a background. PointDrive then creates the template, and you add the data and insights that are necessary for that template.

pointdrive stats

As an enterprise solution, PointDrive focuses on uniformity throughout the entire team. You can share templates with the entire team, and they can be edited accordingly for different team members. There are also management insights that allow for you to see the effectiveness of a campaign, as well as what customers are actually doing with the sales content. To really drive it home, though, PointDrive integrates with Salesforce, one of the largest CRM solutions in the world, meaning that enterprise-level businesses will have an easy time integrating PointDrive into their routine.

Things like PointDrive are not some miracle solution to all of your B2B needs: you’ll still need a quality team and leader to build your brand and your sales tactics, but something like PointDrive can then take your expertise and knowledge and spread it throughout your entire team effortlessly. You can find what works and focus on execution while getting detailed statistics that allow you to continue to fine tune your methods.

Images courtesy of PointDrive

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