Pokemon Go Plus: The New Wearable for Trainers

September 14, 2016

9:18 am

If you are among the 30 million anxious players and Pokemon Go trainers, the new Pokemon Go Plus wearable might be your dream accessory.

Nintendo has first presented the new gizmo during at E3 earlier in June and the official mass sales date is set for September 16th at most locations globally, and later in the year at some South American territories. However, you can place a pre-order right now via Amazon. The gadget costs just $34,99.

Some avid games have already gone as far as selling their “guaranteed Pokemon Go Plus delivery” on eBay for ten times of the original price.

How the New Gizmo Works

Put on your shiny new bracelet, connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and get notified whenever a Pokemon is nearby. The gadget will vibrate and flash, and you can throw those Pokeballs with one button click to catch them all.

“As you pass by a PokéStop, you’ll even be able to collect new items just by clicking the Pokémon GO Plus. If there’s nearby Pokémon hiding in your area you’ll be alerted with lights and vibrations; catch the Pokémon with a button on Pokémon GO Plus and then continue on your way (later, you can check your Journal to see which Pokémon you’ve just caught),” explains Niantic.

However, the developers haven’t indicated whether you can walk and hatch eggs using this new gadget and do some other important Pokémon tricks like using stardust to power up your Pokemon or picking up other valuable collectibles within the game – the elements, which add a delightful depth to the game.

Apple Watch Versus Pokemon Go Plus

Earlier this week, Apple revealed Apple Watch Series 2, which is now supporting the Pokemon Go app as well.

The newest Apple Watch is now upgraded with a native fitness tracking system, which allows taking the game on the new level. Gamers can track their distance to hatch eggs, visit PokeStops to pick up goodies and track nearby Pokemons without pulling out their phone.

Obviously, the price of the new Apple Watch is much higher than the one of the plastic Pokemon Go Plus bracelet.

So far, it’s hard to say whether the game fans feel more excited about the Apple Watch or the native accessory.

In fact, according to Pokemon Go Hub, the app is coming to Android wear soon enough as well. After some code digging and nifty research, the team has come to the following conclusions:

  • The code implementation is marked as complete and release ready.
  • Android Watch will use Bluetooth to communicate with your smartphone.
  • A variety of Android wearables will be supported.

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