20 Most Popular iOS Apps of 2017

December 12, 2017

10:50 am

The end of the year brings about a lot of reflection. Whether your giving thanks for blessings you’ve enjoyed in 2017 or brainstorming your resolution for an even better 2018, thinking back on what made your year great is an annual tradition on par with taking your Christmas lights down in the middle of January. And, as is tradition, Apple is doing a little self-reflection of its own by announcing the top 20 iOS apps of 2017.

With the launch of the iPhone X and the holidays fast approaching, you know that iOS app usage is on the way up. People around the world are clambering for their chance to unlock their phone with their faces, which has led to more apps and more usage than ever before. And while the top 20 list if typically filled with names everyone recognizes, the number one spot went to a newcomer: Bitmoji.

The Snap-owned emoji customizer has seen unprecedented growth in the past year. Its seamless integration with other apps has made it by in large the fastest growing app on this year’s list of 20. And with Snapchat taking the number two spot, it’s fair to say that the Snap collapse that everyone is talking about could be a lot slower going than you might think.

For a glimpse at the rest of the top 20 iOS apps for 2017, take a look at the list below and check back next year to see how well Snap is fairing amongst its competition.

1. Bitmoji

2. Snapchat

3. YouTube

4. Messenger

5. Instagram

6. Facebook

7. Google Maps

8. Netflix

9. Spotify
10. Uber

11. Gmail

12. Pandora Music

13. Amazon

14. WhatsApp

15. Wish

16. Twitter

17. SoundCloud

18. Google Chrome
19. Waze

20. Lyft

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