PositiveSingles, the Dating App for Singles With STDs

July 28, 2015

9:00 pm

In a society that is increasingly living in the digital world, it comes as no surprise that dating apps are hitting the spotlight, with new ones appearing regularly. Tinder is by far one of the most popular apps for dating, where a simple swipe on the screen of a smartphone can lead to a date, but there are some other good alternatives as well.

However, some studies are starting to make a connection between this increase in online dating, which tends to lead to sporadic sexual encounters, to an increase in the incidence of some Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). People affected by STDs can (and will) keep dating, something that is now much easier to do with PositiveSingles.

This is a new app that aims to bring hope to those living with STDs through an app that brings singles together, with the ease of Tinder-style use. The PositiveSingles app is currently available for iOS and Android in the App Store and Google Play Store respectively, where it can be downloaded for free.

While PositiveSingles is very much based on Tinder, it has some features of its own, and even some improvements. Aimed at people suffering from diseases like herpes, HPV and HIV, it allows users to check not only one but two profiles at the same time, where they can choose who they like better, or swipe both profiles away.

According to Richard Cordova, spokesperson for PositiveSingles, “There’s a terrible tendency to write off people with STDs in the dating world. Singles with STDs are often rejected by others immediately after they disclose their condition. It’s really not fair.”

Other interesting features of this app are the ability for users to create blogs and chat rooms, which enable them to share and discuss their thoughts and experiences related with the diseases. With these tools, users that are new to the diseases can use PositiveSingles as a community where they can debate, clear doubts, and many other things, so that their experiences are not so negative.


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