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April 4, 2011

11:45 am

Chicago-based mobile game startup The App House has just announced the upcoming launch of “Confidence: the Game,” a family-friendly trivia game show app for the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. Play Confidence: the Game against a friend on the same device, over Game Center, or challenge one of eight distinct computer opponents, each with his, her, or its (yes, there’s even a robot!) personalities. What sets the app apart from other trivia games is that it allows each player to customize the game to make the most of their personal strengths.

With this app, Jeb Ory and his team have addressed a common frustration in quiz games and made the game more fair by letting players handicap their level of difficultly per question. If you feel more confident about certain game categories than others, you can assign different point levels to those categories while your opponents might assign different point levels for their own.

Here’s the rundown on what to expect from this trivia game:

  • The game consists of three rounds and draws from a pool of more than 2,500 questions in 250 categories in the full version.
  • You can challenge eight different computer opponents with distinct personalities and strengths, including John “Couch QB” Cooper, Rob the Movie Nut, Smart Shirley, AV-110 The Robot, and other surprise characters.
  • Challenge friends on the same device in the head-to-head mode or over Open Feint (coming soon).
  • Earn achievements and strive to be the highest-ranking player on the global Open Feint leaderboard.
  • Each round uses questions from different categories.
  • Players “rank their confidence” in each of the categories, assigning the highest point totals to categories in which they have the most confidence.
  • The Final Confidence is a wild card – the players need to wager a portion of their points on a single question from a random category.

We’ve covered a few mobile apps from The App House, including GitBax and Simon Graham and the Extraordinary Timepiece and are thrilled they’ll be joining us at the Tech Cocktail Champaign mixer event Monday night.

The game will be available for free in the iTunes app store in early April. The free version offers players approx 400 questions across 32 categories. Two additional packs of 1200 questions each can be purchased for $1.99 each or $2.99 for all. Enjoy the video preview below.

Editor’s Note: The game is now available in the App Store. The free version offers players approximately 600 questions across 90 different categories. Three additional question packs of 600-700 questions are available for $1.99, and all three can be purchased for $2.99, at a 50% discount.
Confidence - The Game - The App HouseGet the app here

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