Private Clubs Have Their Own Private Social Network with Clubster

May 21, 2012

4:00 pm

There already exists a slew of private social networks, but William King believes that private clubs require a different kind of social network.

“Private member clubs and organizations have been demanding a way to utilize social media tools to best engage their members, while still maintaining the industry’s commitment to privacy,” says King, COO and partner at Clubster.

Clubster differentiates itself from other social networks and mobile apps because of “how we service our members, manage facilities, and help to maintain nonprofit status,” adds King.

On the surface, Clubster sounds a bit like Path – closed networks intended for more specific forms of interaction.  As King puts it, “While Path allows users to share out data to other social networks, Clubster only allows users to share data to Clubster, keeping Clubster private.”  Additionally, members can create private groups, RSVP to events, and easily consume information from all participating clubs in their newsfeed, as most users belong to multiple.  King is quick to add, “None of this is possible on Path.”

Starting up in Dallas, Texas

As of the startups recently featured at the Dallas Tech Cocktail Mixer and having a long history of doing business in the area, I was curious of King’s take of The Big D’s startup scene.

Two of the founding partners have been in Dallas for over thirty years, with our other founding partner residing in New York City. The advantages of starting up in Dallas are numerous. No new business can start without some help from the community, including financial support, an educated and available work force, and a ‘can do’ attitude. Dallas has all three of these, plus a lower cost of starting a business than almost any other part of the country.

“As far as disadvantages to starting a business in Dallas, we simply do not believe there are any.  In addition, Dallas is home to the Texas Rangers, with the best current record in baseball and the best all around player. Go Rangers!!”

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