Connect and Share With Your Team Using a Private Social Network from NationalField

March 14, 2011

5:15 pm

DC-based startup NationalField is a connect-and-share platform for teams.  As a private social network, it allows teams and organizations to increase collaboration, open access to information, reduce emails, and eliminate meetings.

Founded by Justin Lewis, Edward Saatchi, and Aharon Wasserman during their work on the 2008 Obama election campaign, it was born out of a simple need: to allow teams within the campaign that were spread out all over the country to share data, especially quantitative data.  Excel spreadsheets and Google docs shared via email were not cutting it.  

The app they created spread quickly and by the end of November 2008, thousands of Obama campaign staffers and volunteers were using it.  It has evolved into a start-up, and the rest, as they say, is history.  NationalField now allows employees and teams at fast-moving and growing organizations to work together, ask questions, share profiles, share files, secure data, connect with others through groups and projects, track numbers, set goals, and get feedback.

Current clients include the, Obama’s “Organizing for America” within the DNC, Kaiser Permanente, and Northwestern University.

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