Product Hunt’s Ryan Hoover on Future of Products

March 11, 2016

3:47 pm

Product Hunt is the fastest growing site and community of entrepreneurs, techies, marketers, and everyone in between. For those unfamiliar with Product Hunt, it’s a collaborative platform where people curate some of the best products on the Web. Using a simple upvote, products get more visibility. As such, Product Hunt’s Founder, Ryan Hoover, is privy to some of the most cutting edge products being introduced to the world. To gain a better idea of what kinds of tech and products we can expect, we sat down with Ryan to gain some of his insights.

Products at SXSW

Last year at SXSW we had Meerkat and Periscope breakthrough and receive a great deal of attention, but what will we see in 2016? According to Hoover, he is not entirely sure there will be any specific apps breaking through like in the years past. For Meerkat, they launched just a few weeks prior to the festival and already started to gain traction. Combine that with the power of communication and live streaming, it was obvious why the app spread so quickly.

The Product Hunt team also compiled a growing list of apps to look out for at SXSW. One app in particular that Hoover likes is Anchor, a collaborative approach to podcasting. It is currently ranked as the third highest upvoted item on the watch list. There is also Peach, which Hoover says has some brilliant branding. Their initial version called Bite was removed based on feedback, and four months later relaunched with a new iteration.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Between virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), the technology is rapidly approaching the point where early adopters can truly get involved. According to Hoover, AR has some ways to go, but VR will be integrating with our lives over the next couple of years. Just as some are fully immersed with games like World of Warcraft and Second Life, Hoover predicts this kind of technology will create an even deeper integration with technology.

Get Your Slack On

Beyond AR and VR, there is one common theme that the tech world is truly embracing: Slack as a platform. Currently the platform is open and flexible, which really allows organizations to tap into their API and platform.

“A year ago you might see one Slack bot or integration every week or two, and now we’re seeing one or more every single day,” said Hoover.

Part of Slack’s success as a platform comes down to three points:

  • Slack is successful in the tech world
  • New channel to communicate on a daily basis
  • People seeking new distribution channels

For those interested in learning more about Ryan and Product Hunt, he’ll be at SXSW and speaking at 9:30 am on Tuesday. You can also keep up to date and track them down by following them around on snapchat @producthuntteam.

Photo Credit – TechCrunch

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