Weekly Job Spotlight: Openings for Product Managers, Developers, and Communications

October 3, 2014

1:30 pm

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Can you believe it’s October already? I don’t know about you, but September flew by for me.

I read once that one way to slow time down is to shake up your routine – change your location, do something different. The brain starts zoning out when you’re doing the same thing over and over, but it perks up and pays attention to change.

Maybe a new job will do the trick, so you don’t blink and find yourself in 2015. If you’re looking for jobs at startups – or anywhere else – look no further than the Tech Cocktail Job Board. This week’s top jobs are:

Communications Manager

Infield Health in Washington, DC

Have you ever left the hospital or a doctor’s office and didn’t understand what to do next? Infield Health helps patients recover from procedures by delivering medical instructions straight to patients’ phones. Now you, and your caregivers, know what to do and when to get better, faster. We’re hiring a communications manager to do three things: 1. Curate health content to be delivered to patients. 2. Proactively reach out to the hospital community to source new customers. 3. Manage our social media. The ideal candidate would be 0-2 years out from college and have excellent communication skills. In addition, the desire to take a project and run with it is highly desired. Healthcare experience is not required. Read more…

Software Developer

Mhelpdesk in Fairfax, VA

Here’s your chance to work at one of the fastest, funnest growing start-ups in the nation, Mhelpdesk. Tired of the same old boring government jobs? Do you want hands-on experience building a product that is being deployed to the masses? Do you enjoy being challenged on how to build better, faster, sexier software? Do you want to learn the ins-and-outs about what it takes to build a successful tech start-up? Mhelpdesk is looking for a highly motivated, energetic, flexible, organized, and detail oriented .NET Web Developer with a splash of Mobile to join our amazing team. Read more…

Senior Software Engineer

Appian in Reston, VA

At Appian, you will help us build our award-winning PaaS product that enables business people to build cloud and mobile enterprise applications with flexible, visual models instead of custom code. Appian discovers and unites enterprise data, connects users through social and collaborative engagement in the context of business data, and provides the leading suite of business process technology to enable rapid application development and optimization in every industry. Read more…

Senior Android Developer

Appian in Reston, VA

We’re looking for a Senior Android Developer that not only wants to write code, but also wants to build a great product. As a Software Engineer working on Appian’s Android app, you will be responsible for the mobile face of Appian to our customer’s end users. From the News feed and Task list, to the custom UIs our customers design on the Appian platform, you must make them look good and perform well on any modern Android device. Your scope extends from RESTful web API design on the server, to the Android-specific renderer for Appian’s cross-platform user interface framework, to the final user experience of the Appian app. This role is for you if you aren’t satisfied with doing things the way they’ve always been done. Read more…

Software Product Manager

Polar Technology in Brentwood, TN

Trakref company is located in Nashville TN. Trakref software was developed out of the needs for our parent company (Polar Technology ). We are a fast growing software company with 20 years of industry knowledge behind us. We are changing the way software is used by our industry and customers. Trakref co. is looking for a Great Software Product Manager. We want the best manager at leading and managing the development and release of software products for B2B applications. If you have the experience to take our software to the next level then we want to hear from you. Come work where your valued and appreciated , be apart of our professional team. Read more…

Director of Market Research

Frontier Financial Group in Washington, DC

The Director of Market Research is responsible for selecting the appropriate research methodology and supporting techniques to meet our defined business objective. The Director of Market Research leads data collection, data analysis and reporting efforts. He or she is solely responsible for determining necessary resources to manage the research and analysis efforts as well as effectively managing said resources to meet reporting targets. The Director of Market Research further reviews the collected data, drafts reports and makes business-oriented recommendations to the clients and team as necessary. Read more…

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