Top Products You Probably Never Thought of Buying Online

December 12, 2015

10:00 pm

Online shopping is already becoming a common option for consumers worldwide. In fact, in some countries like the US and the UK, it is already more popular or at least more preferred than physical store visits. Like most online shoppers, however, you may think that the items you can buy through the web are limited to small items that are easy to ship. However, you might be surprised with some of the things that you can get through online shopping.


Mainly because of their size, cars are usually not perceived to be items purchasable online. Many shoppers are particularly skeptical about how the units will be delivered. The good news is that cars can actually be bought online. eBay, for instance, has a “Cars and Trucks” category that has been serving shoppers for many years now.

Yes, there are risks involved but, if you buy from a reputable online store or through an online marketplace that is known to provide safeguards against fraudulent and defective products, there should be no problem buying a car online. The drawback, though, is that you will be foregoing the chance to do a test drive and to have a physical examination of the car to evaluate the important parts and experience the ergonomics.

Groceries and Perishable Products

Between a grocery store and an online store that sells groceries and perishable food products, you would likely stick with the conventional option. However, many people are already discovering the convenience of simply ordering their food online and have everything delivered to their homes.

Tesco, for example, offers convenient and reliable online grocery shopping. There is nothing wrong with buying food products on the Internet. You can even save time, money, and effort by doing so. You just have to make sure that the delivery time is not close to or longer than the estimated shelf life of the food products you are buying. Also, see to it that the online store you are buying groceries from does not have terms and conditions stating that they will not be liable for the spoilage caused by delayed deliveries or damages sustained by the product during delivery.

Prescription Glasses

Even prescription glasses can be bought online. In fact, there are actually reasons why you should consider buying prescription glasses through the Internet. Aside from the advantage of not getting bothered by persistent salespersons, you can also choose from a more extensive array of choices.

If you worry about how you would look with the glasses you intend to buy, many online stores like GlassesUSA feature virtual mirrors through which you can see yourself wearing the glasses you like. You can try on as many as you want. Well, this virtual mirror may not be as good as actually trying the glasses on but it should be a good enough compromise considering that you will be getting more conveniences and advantages by buying prescription glasses online.

Uncommon Chinese Products

This listing might be a little contentious, but you will be surprised by the various uncommon products conceptualized and manufactured by small and mid-size Chinese manufacturers. They are cheap and often unreliable but, if you spend some time and effort to find good ones, you will feel greatly rewarded.

These uncommon (at least in the Americas and Europe) products include cheap but really great smartphones, sound-activated party LED lights, multifunction portable speaker-voice amplifiers that can also function as FM radio and mp3 players, Internet TV boxes, cellphone accessories, various connector adapters, multipurpose plug-and-play USB game controllers, or even solar and hand crank chargers with flashlights.

You may not think of buying these online because of the prevailing quality perception over these kinds of products. However, you may want to rethink that perception, as some of these products actually last long enough to be worth the money spent on them and you will likely appreciate their uniqueness or ridiculousness.

Wrapping up the subject, there are already many things you can buy online. You just have to understand that there are also risks involved so you need to carefully evaluate the terms and policies of the stores you will be buying items from. If you compare all the pros and cons, you will likely find more advantages than drawbacks in shopping online. You just need to be prudent in choosing stores and the products you buy.

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