Shoot Professional Smartphone and GoPro Videos with MarSoar

August 8, 2016

1:15 pm

In a world full of wonder, getting video footage of something amazing is far from rare. Whether it’s whales eating sharks or NBA stars singing Vanessa Carlton hits, there are no shortage of opportunities to tape something that is going to make someone smile. But in the world of video production, the shaky cam experience is reserved for scary movies and mockumentaries – not your personal videos. And if you want to keep things stable in your next production, one startup has built the product for you.

The MarSoar is a smartphone and GoPro stabilizer that is stylish, effective, and comprehensive enough for even the most amateur user. By utilizing breakthrough 3-axis gimbal technology, marSoar auto balances any imperfections in motion and allows users to move more dynamically while producing quality, stabilized video no matter what they’re doing. Concerts, sporting events, and friendly hangouts will be made all the more capture-able with this incredible device.


If you watch the video, you’ll see the device in action. You may be skeptical of the MarSoar because previous technologies that claim the same often just edit the video in the post, making it look produced and inauthentic. This device puts a gyroscope in your hand, making it impossible for your smartphone or GoPro to tilt even the slightest bit. After all, editing is a lot easier when your video doesn’t appear to be taking place during an earthquake. And with no added balancing weights, you aren’t bogged down by a hearty device that makes your backpack heavier than ever.

The producer of MarSoar have launched an Indiegogo campaign in hopes of procuring some funding for their genius idea. While it has only recently launched, they are already on their way to their goal of $20,000. If you are interested in producing quality videos for the rest of your life, head on over to the popular crowdfunding website so you can get an early bird model for only $249 today! And by today, I mean November 2016, when they plan to ship these products out to their first owners.

Photo: MarSoar

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