Proliphiq Real-time Platform Sorts Through Social Media Noise

October 12, 2011

10:55 pm

With over 940 million social media users globally there is a ton of content being created every day. With this social revolution taking place, products like Klout, PeerIndex and, more recently, PeopleBrowsr KRED look to help people and companies understand who is having the most impact on others. Minneapolis agency Echidna has recently joined the pack, as it has spun out a new startup called Proliphiq.

Proliphiq offers a unique social discovery platform and dashboard that sorts through the noise on the web and categorizes and ranks every contributor by topic. Proliphiq aims to find the most credible sources of real-time news. This could be useful both as a content consumer and publisher, but as we’ve seen with Klout, it will likely be popular with marketers and PR agencies looking to connect with consumers through social media. Proliphiq offers a way to look at the various people and brands out there and creates ranked profiles for reach based on three metrics:

  • Engagement
  • Credibility
  • Audience

Proliphiq provides an innovative combination of systematic and human driven content curation by merging “ratings and reviews” with data analysis. Proliphiq determines the tone of a person or brand and allows users to give feedback and influence the overall traits. It also creates a tool that provides a more accurate way to measure ourselves and others on the social media scale.

As a business, Proliphiq has a lot of social media data and offers users the ability to sift through it for free. This could be very useful for anyone looking to better understand who to market to, and also for anyone who uses social media to get feedback about their own influence. For those who want the most detail, they offer paid accounts for more data and analytics.

Aside from the obvious competitors in the “influence” space, a competitor in the PR space may be ITDatabase which monitors mostly mainstream media blogs and content sites.

Proliphiq Traits Screen-shot

Proliphiq Traits Screen-shot

Proliphiq is still a closed beta product, but I recently got a sneak peek from the founder who demo’d at our Minneapolis event. If you’d like to give it a try, we are offering the first 200 Tech Cocktail readers a beta account by using this beta invite code: pqff_l0_1c5bd431cf4d89.

The team is currently raising a small round of funding to continue product development and handle the huge addressable social media market, organizing it within their real-time platform (along with some other surprises). If you’re interested in investment details, contact us here.

Still not sure what Proliphiq is all about, watch the video below.

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