5 Ways to Promote Your New App After Launch

January 22, 2016

2:03 pm

So you’ve gone from an idea to a prototype, and now your app is ready to go. It’s a relief to have a product ready to, but if you plan on turning a profit the battle has barely started. Getting eyes on your app and building a user base is the next step and it can be tough – real tough. According to research from Gartner Inc. less than 0.01 percent of mobile apps will be considered a success by 2018.

Even though it’s an uphill battle there are things you can do to help build the user base and attain customers. Here are 5 ways you can promote your app and help beat the odds:

1. Optimize for the App Store

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimize your app to rank higher in app store search results. It starts with keyword research: use this keyword tool to find a relevant keyword (or keywords) to include in the title and description. You can also monitor your competitors to find relevant keywords that they’re ranking for. Once you’ve picked the proper terms drive downloads and get positive reviews to help rank your app for those keywords. Read the Kissmetrics guide on ASO for a more thorough explanation.

2. Build a Website

Building a website is a great way to showcase your app and demonstrate features that might not be obvious right away. By making an search-optimized website, you can also capture desktop visitors to the site organically, which isn’t possible by having a mobile app alone. Ensure that you have a way to convert these desktop users with a text to download form provided by Twilio or Link Texting.

3. Use Google AdWords

Now that you’ve done you know what keywords you want to target and you’ve got an optimized app, and website – it’s time for some paid advertising. With the Adwords app extension you can add direct links to download for mobile users and send the rest to your desktop website. This is a great way to drive initial downloads and boost your ASO from the get-go.

4. Sign-Up for Startup Lister

For a low one-time fee Startup Lister can help you get listed on 70+ startup directories which includes: Forbes, Venture Beat, The Next Web and more. These directories can help drive new users, helps build links for your website and increase overall awareness of the app. If you choose one of their bigger press packages they’ll even pitch your app to relevant industry blogs.

5. Pitch to App Review Blogs and Other Relevant Websites

Now it’s time to get your hands dirty and start sending out emails. Prepare a simple pitch and start reaching out to relevant blogs to get eyes on your app. Websites like App Advice review apps and will most likely take a look. Don’t limit yourself to app review sites though… Local newspapers, industry blogs and even relevant Facebook Groups are all possibilities.

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