Five Tips for Promoting a Website that is In a Difficult Niche

July 31, 2015

8:00 am

The best thing about going into niche marketing as a part of your career is that there are unlimited markets available. You can select a market that is parallel with your personal hobbies and interests, or you can do research on some profitable markets. Sometimes, there are markets that will be a little more difficult than others. Promoting a website that is in a difficult niche will take more marketing strategy and planning. Here are five tips for promoting a website in a difficult niche.

Make it as unique as possible

If your market is difficult to corner due to being saturated, being unique will be your one redeeming quality. Go over other websites that are in your niche, and then make it a point to offer information, products, and extras that these websites do not have. Even if the differences are small, such as a more interactive website or regular product giveaways/user prizes, you can do things that will set your website apart from others in the niche.

Go long-stem with your keywords

In order to properly insert your website in a niche, your content and especially your keywords need to be as specific as possible. Instead of going for short, primary only keywords, such as ‘baby toys’, make sure to insert long-stem keywords such as ‘Montessori toys for babies’ and ‘learning enhancement toys for children’. Study just what your customer base wants and will purchase, then use the keywords accordingly.

Guest post on other websites

The best way to get readers to find your website is go where the readers are. If you are having trouble promoting your website due to being a difficult niche, consider guest posting on related websites. Find websites close to your niche that are open to guest posting. Generate content that is relevant to both websites, and then insert links in your post that will lead interested readers to you.

Purchase leads and clicks

One of the best things for niche marketers who are stuck are leads purchases. Purchasing leads puts a list of people and businesses who are genuinely interested in your products and services right in front of you. Generating leads takes time, and if you are looking forward to growing your website interest and income more quickly, purchasing leads is the easier way to go. For instance, a car shipping or auto transit service can purchase auto transport leads for those who are interested in shipping cars. This can lead to immediate conversion and generate major income.

Along with purchasing leads from marketers, consider pay per click marketing through major search engines. Those who search for keywords that are near your own will be presented with your website, leading to the possibility of clicks and business.

Set up promotions on social media

The best thing about the internet is that there are unlimited methods for getting the name of your business out there. If you have a niche website, that needs some promotions and you can do a short commercial or perform tutorials, open a channel on YouTube. All difficult niches should have a Facebook page where you can advertise daily and find followers for little to no money. Twitter and Instagram are also perfect for any company that would like to do a quick, 30-second post and use hashtags to find businesses.


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