ProspectSnap Turns Effective Offline Networking Into A Targeted Email List

October 15, 2012

3:06 pm

Meeting people in person is–by far–one of the best ways to find a target market for your email list. But it’s not proper business etiquette just to take someone’s business card and enter their name into your list. It has to be more personal and respectful of their contact information.

I was really excited to learn about ProspectSnap from my friend and its founder, Andrew Woo. He created this app for those moments when you meet people who want to sign up for your updates, and you need a quick vehicle to sign them up. Instead of going to your website or the site for your email host, you can set up your lists with the app, and have them easily sign up by handing your phone over for them to enter their email. It’s a simple process with a nice user interface.

“I was at a marketing conference for entrepreneurs and noticed that when you meet somebody face-to-face, you’re more inclined to hire them since you’ve gotten to know them and like them. With that in mind, I was listening to a presentation about email list building, and how it takes a combination of online and offline marketing efforts, and a light bulb went off,” Woo said when asked what made him think to create this app.

“I figured that the fastest way to get these prospects into your marketing funnel was to get them on your email list using your phone. Once that happened, your software would do the following up for you, and your chances of converting them to clients would go way up.”

Although true, I still raised the concern to Andrew that if this is the only way people are following up with their network, then they’re still not quite doing it right. People still need that personal connection, and not just a canned email from an auto responder. He agreed and said the app has morphed into something not just convenient for individual networkers, but for businesses as well.

“Despite my original intention of ProspectSnap being a tool for networking, most of the feedback I’ve had is that people use it when they have booths at a trade show, expo or fair (i.e. arts and crafts). They love that they don’t have to worry about having to manually enter leads into their newsletter like they would have had to when they used paper sign up sheets.”

ProspectSnap is currently only available in the iPhone app store. To learn more about whether it would be a good option for you, visit

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