Protect Your Apps on Android With Privacy Wizard

October 16, 2015

8:00 pm

Smartphones are an amazing tool and brought a great deal of innovation to our lives. They make our lives easier every day and also automate them a bit, by taking care of some tedious and repetitive tasks like remembering things or get a grip on the incoming flow of emails.

In order to do this, we fill them with apps – (generally) small pieces of software that have many distinct goals, like games, social media, and even more serious apps like banking and other stuff. Some of them, especially these latter ones, are quite sensitive in terms of privacy, so how can we protect others from accessing them when browsing our smartphones?

AnchorFree, makers of other popular apps and services like Kaboom and HotSpot Shield, developed an app that will make all the other apps secure, by prompting other events defined by the user. This app is Privacy Wizard, and can now be downloaded for free for Android, from the Google Play Store.

Put simply, Privacy Wizard works with “covers”, which can be defined by the user from the four options available: unknown caller, that simulates a fake incoming call; fingerprint touch ID, requesting a fake fingerprint verification; error message, that fools users into thinking an error has occurred; and voice authentication, prompting a fake voice activation screen.

Covers block access to the target apps, showing others a fake screen that only you know how unlock. If needed be, security can be improved with the use of a pattern or a numeric lock, which should be really enough to deter any friend trying to pull pranks on you, or to stop your kids from ordering hundreds of dollars of apps from the Google Play Store.

So, if you are looking for an app to control which apps others can and cannot use on your smartphone, Privacy Wizard is just the perfect tool to choose.

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