Provo, UT is First Stop on Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Tour

October 1, 2015

2:00 pm

We are proud to partner with Microsoft Ventures to promote their Machine Learning Accelerator in Seattle. 

We recently told you about the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator tour. Throughout the months of October and November, the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator will be visiting 11 US cities to spread the word about their accelerator program which currently runs in 7 cities around the world. The only Microsoft Ventures Accelerator program in the US is in Seattle, and it is currently in the stage of accepting applications for its new class which will begin on February 2, 2016.

The first stop of the tour is Provo, UT. On October 7th, they will host an event at The Startup Building for anyone who wants to learn about the accelerator program and the benefits it offers. Provo may seem like a random choice, but for being such a small city, it proudly claims two Microsoft Ventures alumni companies: Lionheart Innovations and Novi Security.

Lionheart Innovations


Like many entrepreneurs, Lionheart Innovations founder and CEO, Tammy Bowers was led to innovation by necessity. In 2010 Bowers son underwent a heart transplant, and along with the surgery came a meticulous and complicated schedule of appointments and medications. This experience eventually led to the development of the Lionheart app that allows patients and caregivers to better manage chronic health conditions. “The Lionheart app doesn’t simply track and store important medication and medical information,” explains Bowers on the company’s website, “it empowers patients and their providers through data.”

Novi Security


Novi is a home security system with two components. There is the Guard, which is a battery-operated camera and sensor which attaches to the ceiling. The Hub is the brains of the system which links to your internet and sends you real-time updates. The Guard can sense motion or smoke. Upon detection it will immediately takes three photos and sends them to the Hub, which in turn sends them to your phone. Once you get the alert you can choose to contact the police, ignore, or request another image. Since Novi is battery operated, it’s easy to take with you when you move.

Will any new Provo startups make it into Seattle’s 2016 class? Who knows, but those who stop by the tour on October 7, will definitely have a leg up.

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