Psychology Behind Conducting Job Interviews

March 22, 2015

8:00 am

The successful development of any business highly depends on its employees. No matter how good your idea for your startup may be, there’s a high risk of failure if you hire the wrong people. The harmful impact of making a wrong choice within a small business is much more noticeable than the one within a large company. Employee who doesn’t fit in, doesn’t share your values and principles and is not passionate about his work can bring the motivation down and fail to be persuasive with your prospective customers.
But there’s a way to prevent this situation from happening if you know the secrets of conducting a proper job interview.

Take a look at these psychological tips you can use to increase the chances of hiring the perfect employee.

Sharing Same Values and Interests

According to the testimonies of HR managers it’s usually more advantageous to hire a candidate with less experience but having the same core values with your company. It’s possible to teach him all he has to know about the job and improve his skills, but his attitudes and values will never change. In order to find out more about candidate’s personality ask him some rare and uncommon questions, for example: “What song would you pick to be a soundtrack of your everyday life?” It will give you an opportunity to understand what’s going on in his head and if he’s comfortable to work with.

Details Matter

Pay close attention to the kind of eye contact your candidates maintain, the way they respond to the questions (in a brief manner or not), what words they use (with positive or negative connotation). These small details may tell you a lot about a candidate’s psychology, whether they feel good about themselves and their life and have high energy.

Structure Your Interview

It’s much easier to create a natural flow conversation when you have a prepared list of questions you’d like to cover during the interview. A candidate doesn’t get to feel that stressful and stays within his comfort zone, which gives you a good chance to asses his skills and character properly.

A Hypothetical Problem

There’s no doubt that every entrepreneur has experienced some difficulties at work at some point of his career. When you start your own business you know what kind of problems might take place, so why not present a candidate with an example of hypothetical one and ask him to find a way out. In this way you’ll assess his decision making skills, logic and the ability to compromise.

In order to take the right decision of whether this particular candidate is right for your business you can use a tip from Mark Zuckerberg, who once said: I will only hire someone to work directly for me if I would work for that person.

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