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February 16, 2011

4:05 pm

Every once in a while, someone comes along and decides we need a paradigm shift regarding how humans interact with computers. In this case, the shift is around how people work with their data. Today much of our data lives in different applications. Photos in email, news in browser, etc… That’s why Munich, Germany based company, ExB petitpetit GmbH has launched petitpetit (or PTPT for short), an application framework that automatically builds associations between data elements as they are created – regardless of the application program that generated them. The data elements you care about are made available as part of a new user interface designed for touchscreen devices such as tablets and smartphones, and become part of a navigation solution designed to organize your personal data and media.


Screenshot of PTPT with images.

The product takes its name from the four categories in which all information is categorized: People, Things, Places and Time. With PTPT the user is able to access those things directly instead of having to search for the specific file that contains it. Applications both contribute and consume data from the common pool thanks to the automatic data parsing and association capabilities of PTPT. From the company:

By liberating data from the constraints of the application silos who generated them, petitpetit unlocks their full value to users, by making them available to all applications residing on the device.

The company looks to create its own ecosystem of contributing developers, like-minded device manufacturers, relevant carriers and convinced users. Their objectives are spelled out clearly:

  • For the user to collect and use data more intelligently.
  • For developers to be freed from data silos to focus on developing the components that will differentiate their apps.
  • For OEM manufacturers to make their devices richer and more productive, integrating across different usage scenarios.
  • For content providers to tailor proprietary data closer to the users´ needs.

PTPT is one of those products you need to see to better understand, so enjoy this video made by Robert Scoble. PTPT was also on hand as a featured demo at the Tech Cocktail Barcelona mixer event.

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