These Wireless Headphones Are Powered by Your Smartphone Battery

October 1, 2015

9:00 pm

Take a walk to your nearest coffee shop and you’re almost guaranteed to see people enjoying a nice cup of joe while charging their smartphone. Charging is an integral part of our lives, but there aren’t that many people who tend to enjoy it: it’s always an exhausted sigh, not a shout of joy, that erupts from our mouths when we get the 10 percent battery notification.

It’s had a quantifiable impact on the tech world via fast chargers, battery packs, and even more efficient batteries. Seeing as how we’ve been so committed to figuratively squeezing every drop of power out of our batteries, what if we started thinking of them differently? What if the battery was a source of power for devices other than the smartphone itself?

Obviously, these devices would have to be small enough not to cause a major drain on the battery. New York City’s PUGZ designed a pair of wireless earbuds that fit the bill almost perfectly – they can be charged through your phone or tablet.

In fact, you can listen to  music with them while they’re charging, and they only drain 3 percent of your phone’s battery. On a full charge you’ll get around four and a half hours of audio and ten days of standby time.

The PUGZ team didn’t stop short when it came to the other features that are necessary for a good pair of earbuds. The ergonomic construction ensures that they won’t fall out of your ears, which is complaint numero uno among most athletes.

Here are some of the other features they’ve built into the PUGZ headphones:

  • Magnetic clips to avoid wire tangling
  • Offered in sizes S-XL to fit a variety of ears
  • Sound Range from 8Hz to 28KHz
  • CD quality audio with aptX

The immediate benefit is to people looking to cut the cord on their headphones – it’s always getting in the way and messing things up. However, the true value is that people are beginning to look at the concept of a battery differently.

PUGZ is essentially tapping into a market segment that doesn’t quite yet exist: the charging of peripheral devices via the smartphone battery. So, from a consumer experience side it’s a home run, but from the business side of things it’s a grand slam.

Currently PUGZ is offering their initial design in white, red, pink, or black with the option for either leaked or sealed styles. The leaked style provides quality sound but doesn’t cancel out every ambient noise: the sealed style, then, blocks everything out entirely.

They’ve got six days left to go on their Kickstarter campaign, but the fact that they’ve over funded their goal by $814,071 tells us they’re not going to have a problem sealing the deal. Apparently there are a lot of other people out there who think PUGZ are going to change the landscape of earbuds and peripheral devices, 6,443 of them to be exact.

Image Credit: PUGZ website

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