Pulse Play: One Step Closer to Changing Racket Sports Forever

July 3, 2015

11:00 am

A little while back I wrote an article about Pulse Play, a sports wearable designed by three time Grand Slam tennis champion Andy Ram. They were only in their early Indiegogo phase, but they claimed that it “could potentially change the face of racket sports forever”.

It’s an awesome piece of tech, but if I’m being honest I found the claim to be a bit much. After all, they had to crowdfund $75,000 in order to bring it to even bring it to market, and you can’t change much if you can’t make it to market.

Still though, if anybody could climb this mountain it would be a professional athlete. Ram and his team officially, and proudly, broke the news recently that they’ve hit their Indiegogo funding goal.

The campaign’s success means that they’ll be able to take Pulse Play from an operational prototype to a market ready product. There are a lot of things that contributed to the success of the campaign, like the opportunity for one backer to go backstage with Ram at this year’s US Open.

More on the back end of things, Pulse Play teamed up with Small Factory Big Ideas (sFBI) to help finalize the concept designs. Alongside Ram sFBI was able to successfully weave his tennis expertise into the tech world.

That is to say, Pulse Play was built to settle the problem of accurate and reliable scorekeeping, an issue that’s plagued racket sports players for ages. The device, with the companion app, performs four main functions:

  • Live scorekeeping that doesn’t interrupt gameplay
  • Match history and statistics
  • Player ranking among friends, clubs, leagues, and cities
  • Features a global social network that connects players with new opponents in their area at the same level

Pulse Play’s ultimate vision is to become a fixture at courts around the world. They’re well on their way to servicing the $30 billion global racket sports market and it’s 275 million patrons who enjoy tennis, badminton, ping pong, and squash.

“It’s been an incredible experience reaching out to thousands of players, coaches, leagues, clubs, and journalists and hearing how excited they are about Pulse Play,” says Ram. “Thanks to them, Pulse Play is happening and it’s going to fundamentally change racket sports for amateur and recreational players.”

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