PureCarbon Launches Wearable Fitness Tech For Strength Training

March 22, 2017

2:20 pm

For a lot of fitness-savvy techies out there, exercise tech has helped enrich their workout routine and provided them with a way to really see the positive impact their making on their body. But this type of tech has only been able to tackle cardio workouts like running and walking. You’ve got the watches that track your steps, for instance, but there hasn’t been a product that assists strength workouts, like lifting weights. That’s why wearable fitness tech company PureCarbon is stepping into the ring to introduce Delta Gloves, a groundbreaking new product that meticulously tracks strength training in ways never seen before by the average consumer.

Delta Gloves are smart gloves that use a patented technology called SoftSense, which combines printed pressure sensor circuits in the palm and fingertips that detect weight lifted. The gloves use an Intel Curie Module, which has a dual core processor, neural network, accelerometer, and gyroscope. In using this technology, users will be able to get feedback on how to improve their routine. Users will also be able to download PureCarbon’s free supplementary app, which will provide in-ear rep counts and allow users to curate their own workouts or choose from a number of suggested workouts.

Another thing that PureCarbon focused on was making Delta Gloves accessible to a novice user and intricate enough for someone more experienced. Cofounder Aleda Schaffer says that strength training can often demotivate people because they are looking at the wrong indicators of success:

“People have typically measured their progress in fitness in terms of weight or pant size, which can be misleading because when you strength train your weight can go up as you get smaller and more fit. And that is not a bad thing, it is a sign of more muscle mass and getting stronger. Since progress in fitness takes time to see and the initial results on the scale often move in an undesired direction, many people lose motivation. But they are getting stronger and just don’t see it yet.”

Schaffer says that Delta Gloves fixes that problem:

“We want to be able to provide people with metrics that matter for strength training. Allow them to see their power output over time across different workouts so they can see themselves getting more powerful before they lose a dress size. The Delta Gloves give people a way to track their progress over time, see results by exercise and workout and help motivate them to reach their goals.”

PureCarbon announced the launch of Delta Gloves through crowdfunding website Indiegogo and hopes to raise $50,000 in order to help Delta Gloves move in the right direction. Ultimately, PureCarbon wants to implement a process by which online trainers can customize workouts and eventually bring other wearable technologies into the market that revolutionize other forms of exercise.

The product is available for early adopters at a price of $99 after which it will be available on PureCarbon’s website for $199.

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