Push Back Against Bad Brands, Products and Customer Service with Blacklist

June 4, 2013

1:00 pm

Remember those summer camp or backyard tent ghost stories of your childhood? Of course you do! Those ghouls and goblins scared us under the covers of our sleeping bags. But these horror tales pale in comparison to the horror stories of adulthood: bad products, diasappointing brands, and lousy customer service.

A helpless and infuriating feeling comes with customer service, brands, and products that do not live up to their bill of sale. Lemon cars, slow and spotty technology, shoddy workmanship, and – by the looks of it – many airlines. We, as consumers, do our best to recoup our losses through customer service. In some cases, customer service only multiplies the powerless state of consumers today.

We yearn for a voice, an outlet, to empower our buying experience and to fight back against unsatisfactory business practices.

Blacklist has launched a private beta feed that aims to give back the power to the consumer, warn others of company and product pitfalls, and re-engage brands in the conversation. Through a newsfeed, Blacklist enables you to literally “blacklist” brands and products and share them not only through this feed, but also through your social networks.

What is so stirring about Blacklist is that it not only allows a platform on which to vent, but it also creates a community of users with similar experiences. This community offers a “power in numbers” dynamic that has lessened my frustration and helplessness as I air grievances and start a pushback. Without this pushback, companies and brands will never learn, and we will be stuck in the status quo.

Blacklist was a showcased startup at our Tech Cocktail San Francisco mixer.


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