Qualcomm Dives Into Social Geo-Location with Neer Mobile App

January 5, 2011

5:32 pm

With the prevalence of social geo-location apps the world has become a lot more open to sharing its location with the rest of the world. It’s fun to check-in on some of the popular sites like Foursquare and Gowalla, as badges and other goodies serve as social motivation. Not to mention, it can be useful in keeping track of where the heck you have been, like a real-time GPS journal.

But with all the sharing there are risks. I don’t recall ever checking into a service from a dark alley sharing the note “I’m all alone in this dark alley carrying lots of electronics and cash.” Most of us are wiser than that, but there are still risks, particularly with kids, as criminals become more savvy with the tools out there tracking where you are, and where you are not. Your home and other places could become targets for criminals. With this idea in mind, Qualcomm has decided to develop an application for sharing with a close network of friends and family. In a similar fashion to the recently launched Path iPhone app, Qualcomm has launched Neer.

Neer Mobile App Screen shots

Neer Mobile App Screen-shots

Neer is a mobile application that enables you to share your location and messages with a closed network. It’s basically group messaging and social geo-location for your inner circle. The app is available for both iPhone 4 and Android and allows users to define their own locations – “Home”, “Office”, “Gym”, “Irish Pub” and automatically shares your current location only with the people you choose, and only at the times you choose. So no more checking in required, Neer does it for you. Neer also offers tools for communication and organization of your family or inner circle. This is not an app for broadcasting your location far and wide – that is what Foursquare, Gowalla, Twitter, and Facebook do and do it well. This is for communication with those who need to be in the know, thus eliminating the phone calls or text messages needed to sync up with others.

Download Neer for iPhone 4 on iTunesNeer - Qualcomm Services Labs, Inc.

Neer is a forward thinking, limited-social, geo-location based mobile application. Knowing how difficult it is to launch new products in big organizations, it was refreshing to see such a slick application developed by Qualcomm Services Labs. Check out this quick Neer video below and let us know what you think of the Neer app in the comments below.

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